Jeff Williams, as Assessor cut his portion of the budget every year he was in office. As a State Representative he cut the tax burden on the people of Arkansas by more than $63 million. He has proven himself to be the staunchest fiscal conservative at the city, county and state level.


Jeff Williams has worked to lower the tax burden on Springdale families and small business and encouraged job creation, investment, and economic development. He has also fought to make government more efficient. He will work to reduce the state income tax to the lowest level possible. Jeff Williams has never voted to raise taxes.


The only thing that prevents the free market from working the way that it should is our government. The free market, on its own, will grow our economy, create jobs, and improve the lives of all Arkansans. With the elimination of the state corporate income tax, small business franchise and other business fees, as well as the elimination of over-burdening regulations Arkansas’ economy will grow to record levels.


Jeff Williams strongly supports legal immigration. As a citizen of a nation of immigrants, I recognize the important contributions immigrants have made to the economic and cultural strength of the United States. I also believe that, as a nation of laws the integrity of our immigration system is an important national issue, but ultimately immigration is a federal issue that can only be solved at the federal level.


Education is crucial for the betterment of all people and thus is one of the most important issues for our state. Having said that the most effective and efficient control of any issue is when it’s closest to the people therefore I support local control of education in Arkansas. I believe that parents know what is best for their children better than the government does.


Northwest Arkansas as a whole, and the 89th District in particular, has seen tremendous growth for many years but we have not received our fair share of our infrastructure dollars from our state government. We have watched as our population and economy have grown exponentially and we have struggled to keep good infrastructure under that growth. Jeff Williams will fight to make sure that the money follows the growing population and economy and will make sure we get our fair share.


Jeff Williams has an A rating with the NRA and is a strong advocate for our 2nd amendment right to bear arms and he will oppose any law that tries to restrict that Constitutional given right.


As a retired Army combat veteran and a member of the American Legion National Legislatice Council I know first-hand the sacrifices of our veterans and their families and I will guarantee you that I will be point man in the fight for the support that our veterans have earned.


Jeff Williams is 100% pro-life. Life begins at conception and all the rights and protections under the law should be extended to all people, even in the uterus.