Meet Jeff


My Early Life

I grew up in a large family, one of eight children. Growing up in that environment taught me many valuable life lessons. I learned the value of hard work, I learned how to work together, and I learned that you had to care for not only your family, but your neighbors, and your community. Like many children my first job outside the home was as a paperboy, this job taught me how rise early, work hard rain or shine, and how to be accountable for your actions.

Military Service

After finishing high school I felt the continued draw to service so I joined the Army where I served for more than 20 years prior to my retirement. During my service I was called twice to serve on combat tours in the Middle East. I am profoundly thankful that throughout my years of service I had the steadfast support of my wife and children.


During my final years in the Army I was fortunate to be able to move to Springdale and complete my education at the University of Arkansas “WPS” where I earned my Bachelor of Science degree.


After completing college I opened a small business where I learned new life lessons like how to find solutions to real world problems, how live within a budget, how to plan for the future, how to build teams, and how to make a payroll. During this same time I continued my service to the community by serving on the Planning Commission before winning election onto the Springdale City Council where I worked to improve the infrastructure, improve city services, and support our Police and Fire Departments. Feeling called to further service I ran for and was elected as the Assessor for Washington County where I served two-terms. Now I am privledged to serve as State Representative.

Community and Volunteer Service

​American Legion National Legisaltive Council Member

Susan G Komen Foundation - 15 year member of the Steering Committee

VA Golden Age Games - Organized events for senior veterans

Kiwani's Member

Planning Commission – Commissioner and Chair

Springdale City Council – Serving on budget, police and fire, community block grant development committees among others.

Washington County Assessor – Two-terms