The Solution

Many candidates for office will point out all of the problems facing their district and they’ll tell you how they’ll solve or work to solve all those problems but rarely do they provide specifics on how they’ll solve those problems, that’s where I differ from “politicians”.

Our State faces issues like crumbling highways and bridges, high taxes, over-crowded prisons, Medicaid cost overruns, a shortage of good quality jobs, and the neglect of our veterans are just a few of those issues.

So what is the solution to all these problems? Education and economic development.

When you look back at each of the issues that are listed above you will find that by providing a good quality, low cost education, that encompasses not only an opportunity for a higher education for those who desire it, but also vocation- technical training, you will improve the lives of all Arkansans. When you combine that good education, thus creating a quality work force, with economic development you then have in place all of the pieces needed to provide a bright future for all of Arkansas.

For economic development to occur a number of conditions must exist. You must have a quality work force with the needed skills readily available, you must have a local and state government ready to do business, you must create an environment that entices the growth of existing businesses as well as recruit’s new businesses, and you must have the needed infrastructure in place.

Education and economic development work hand-in-hand to provide the solutions to most of the issues facing Arkansas.

So how do you improve crumbling roads and bridges, reduce taxes, reduce the prison population, reduce the number of people on and the cost of Medicaid, provide more and better jobs, and take care of our veterans all at the same time? By providing a better life for all people through education and economic development.

I hope that you will help me in solving the issues facing Arkansas by re-electing State Representative Jeff Williams!